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Olga Guzman

Olga Guzman

For the past 14 years I’ve been holding personal and group sessions with people who were living in total pain and confusion about their personal, spiritual and emotional lives thinking that there was no hope for recovery because they had already tried everything else… These are people who felt like they were broken, disempowered or had lost the faith and the drive to better themselves… if this resonates with you or someone you might know then I am here to help… In one single session I’ve been able to locate those overlooked and hidden patterns which may cause them pain, I can pinpoint those limiting and harmful thoughts and beliefs that impede their progress and hold them back from becoming free to find their true life purpose. It only takes one session with me for those same lost and pain stricken souls to begin feeling refreshed, enlighten, lighter as if a heavy load was taken off their shoulders, and while I continue to guide them down their own path they now more than ever feel ready to take a step in a new direction full of optimism and newly found love and passion in their hearts… I am a life coach, allow me to walk with you and show you the beauty that lies within you.

Life Coach, Soul Healer

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I am a Life Coach with Robbins Madanes Training and a certified NLP Practitioner (Neurolinguistic Programming) with advanced trainings on spiritual intelligence. I began my career as a professional business administrator and have gathered several years of professional experience in; strategic planning and foresight, public relations, human resources and education. I consider myself an emotional and soul healer as well as a lifelong student who continues broaden her education and understanding in this field however many of my unique skills and gifts have been attained because of personal experience where I’ve engaged with my inner self and traveled deeply within myself to find meanings to things in life that are otherwise overlooked.

I use my experience to identify and focus my attention on those hidden, masked and many times overlooked patterns in such a way that after one single session with a client or group I am able to help them overcome the blockage which holds them back, I can help them release themselves from unworthy or harmful attachments, free them from limiting and restrictive thoughts, I can tear down those emotional walls that impede their progress and walk with them to empower and align them towards their freedom and true purpose in life.

My life path has taken me to the highest highs and the lowest low… I have been that person that lost faith, missed signs, created doubt in myself and those around me however because of my believes in emotional and spiritual healing I have reached new levels in my personal growth, I have regained those strengths and powers that I thought I had previously lost or misplaced, I’ve been able to attain the knowledge and wisdom that I’ve longed for and have successfully navigated through the many layers of hurt, pain, deception, defeat that I found in my past… the path I chose to get where I am today was not the easy one however it was the right one and although I am at my highest levels I am still a work in progress therefore I hunger for knowledge and growth will continue.

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