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George Lista

George Lista

George is a highly regarded multi-sector Mediator and Negotiations Advisor with particular expertise in strategic communications and leadership. He is also a Personal & Executive Coach and a Health & Fitness Mentor to private clients and athletes. He brings over 25 years experience as a Trusted Advisor and Solutions Architect for entrepreneurs and leaders from different industries, and supports board members, trustees and senior management teams as a Non-Executive Director and Advisory Board member including governmental and non-profit committees. George was recently ranked one of the top tier performers at the Harvard Negotiation Institute Advanced Mediation and among the highest scoring leaders and value-creators at the annual Negotiation Masterclass delivered by Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation. He works behind the scenes supporting people and projects to develop partnerships and creative collaborations through his networks in business, real estate, sport, marketing and non-profit to name just a few.

Mediator, Trusted Advisor & Mentor

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George is currently working with various business and private clients on some interesting projects including a brave endeavour to teach mediators and negotiators about the true application of love in their theory of practice in order to enhance their working processes for measurably superior resolutions and negotiated outcomes.

Since the pandemic, George has begun to open up his online presence to provide valuable insights and learning opportunities for those involved in dispute management professionally or simply those wishing to learn how to better handle negotiations and resolve conflicts and disputes in their every day lives.

He is a specialist in threat analysis and assists his clients in managing their disputes and avoiding costly and destructive consequences in and out of court. Whether it is in business or private matters, his experience in resolving complex multi-party conflicts is extremely diverse, from divorce, inheritance and custody battles to contract disputes, hostile take-overs and even international hostage situations.

George leverages his years of experience to find paths to favourable advantages for his clients. He has managed and advised on multi-million transactions and high stakes negotiations in real estate, aviation, retail and music and is launching a teaching and coaching practice to help people learn how to handle negotiations.

As a coach and mentor, there aren’t many aspects of life, career and relationships that George cannot offer value in. His past life as an elite athlete allows him to serve his clients in an area he loves, health and fitness.

He is always happy to connect people from all walks of life to solutions and opportunities across his networks in multiple sectors and disciplines.

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