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Emmeline Craig

Emmeline Craig

About 6 years ago I decided to become a life coach myself because coaching had done so much for me, and so many of us are looking for support and tools to grow ourselves. So many of us have not learned to love ourselves and create a deliberate version of ourselves, a happy one, where we move at our pace, on our terms, and shine our own light. Coaching is the most effective way to do this and I love being a vector of positive change. It was a no-brainer to take that step.

Life coach and artist

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Self-Love and its Amazing Effects on Your Life

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Born in France with a bone defect that made my bones brittle, I had a very unusual childhood full of fractures and bedridden days, home schooled until 14 of age. My entire life was about beating the odds, and overcome limitations.

It got better in many ways and my adult life brought better health and less fractures; I got to travel and discover the world. Got to become a painter and start showing and selling my work. But I was not happy and I was not fulfilled. Something was amiss.

I moved to California in 2000, where I married someone, and I reinvented my life here. Yet, that relationship was a painful one and ended 5 years later. I kept struggling at a personal level.

It was not until I was 49 and diagnosed with breast cancer that I made the commitment to really look at and transform the way I lived, thought of myself, and loved who I was. It was an intense journey, full of changes for the better. I turned my existence around, not to mention healing from cancer as well.

Mentoring, coaching, journaling, praying, meditating, affirming, studying, healing... I became a different person, and my relationship to Life itself changed. As I moved forward and grew my wings, I opened my own art gallery in the San Francisco Bay area in 2012, and ran it successfully for 8 years.

Meanwhile I kept studying and practicing the tools that helped me grow, and bring more and more happiness and meaning in my existence.

Today I am still dealing with brittle bones to an extent, my body shows limitations brought by many fractures and a stunt growth, but I am profoundly happy, I do what I love, and I live a life I am much grateful for, every single day. My relationships, my finances, my inner weather... everything has lifted and expanded.

I paint and sell my artwork, and coaching has become organically a large part of my life. It's the most rewarding thing in the world for me, to help others along their own path of self-awareness and transformation. Self-love and self awareness is where I support my coaching clients the most, as it seems that no matter at what level of outer success we can get, true fulfillment only comes with unconditional self-loving.

When we finally cultivate a genuine appreciation and loving compassion for who we are and what our journey is, everything changes, and we are uplifted, no matter how challenging circumstances may be at times.

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